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This Children's Hospital In Dallas Is Reimagining The Healthcare Business Model

By any measure, Childrenís Health in Dallas is a world class institution. It boasts a top notch medical staff, is consistently ranked among the best childrenís hospitals in the country and features a Level 1 Trauma Center. Yet by 2011, despite the accolades, its CEO, Chris Durovich, was beginning to have doubts about the centerís impact on the community. The problem was that, although its patients were getting excellent care once they entered the facility, the health indicators in the community as a whole were getting worse, especially with regard to chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma. Durovich was determined to fix the problem. So he brought in Peter Roberts, a longtime healthcare executive, to diagnose the problems in the community and design solutions that would make a positive impact. Over the past four years he, along with the Business Innovation Factory, have been developing an innovative new model that completely reimagines how the healthcare system works with the communities it serves. Designing Business Models For Social Impact As a student at American Universityís International Service Program, Elizabeth Stefanski was determined to make an impact on the world. Yet during a summer she spent doing fieldwork in Kenya, she could see that the traditional aid model was broken. The problem wasnít a lack of good will or even funding, the programs just werenít achieving results. She found early inspiration from Muhammad Yunus, the legendary founder of Grameen Bank, who invented the concept of microcredit. What impressed her was how designing a sustainable business model could help to scale social programs and deliver dramatically better results. Thatís what she decided to devote her career to.
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