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New student response solution called Activexpression by Promethean

Activexpression by Promethean


Activexpression by Promethean Activexpression by Promethean


PROMETHEAN has launched a new student response solution called Activexpression. The handheld device allows teachers to create activities, quizzes, and polls-even spontaneously- and students to express themselves through full phrases, symbols, and numbers. A two-way communication feature enables students to share answers with the teacher and their classmates, and allows teachers to give feedback directly to individual students or to the entire class. The software included provides a "question master" to help with the creation of question banks that make use of a full range of response types. Price: $1,895 for a case of 32 units.

Source:  "Activexpression by Promethean," T.H.E. Journal, 3/1/2008,
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