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These once-separate standard-setting organizations are now dedicating their efforts to developing and using a harmonized set of standards for the exchange of operations and maintenance data.


ISA: A global organization setting standards for automation, including ISA-88 for batch control and ISA-95 for data exchange between enterprise and manufacturing operations management systems.


An alliance of operations and maintenance solution providers working on an open standard for asset management in manufacturing, fleet, and facility environments.



The OPC Foundation: An alliance of automation control system and instrumentation vendors that provides open specifications for communicating data, alarm, and event records. The vision is for OPC to be the foundation for moving information between multi-vendor systems on the factory floor, as well as providing interoperability between devices on different networks.


The World Batch Forum (WBF): An association of vendors, consultants, end users, and academics that focuses on interoperability needs in the process automation and operations areas.


Open Applications Group Inc. (OAGi): A group of vendors and end users dedicated to building a standard that covers business data exchange requirements for B2B and enterprise-to-manufacturing operations.


Source: OpenO&M, Editorial from the March 2008 issue of Managing Automation,

Under the OpenO&M Umbrella,


by Stephanie Neil, MA Editorial Staff
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