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CRM Consultancy Helps Arion Water to Flow


By B. Locke,
July 24, 2008

Saaspoint is a global providers of consulting services centered around the OnDemand and Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model, and is 100% focused on the successful deployment and integration of projects. Saaspoint is a center of excellence for developing AppExchange and applications. In 2008 it started Saaspoint Consulting, new business transformation division with it's main office in the Silicon Valley, CA.

Saaspoint, the 100% dedicated consultancy and integrator, has implemented Saaspoint TimeTrack for Massachusetts based Arion Water Inc. The application is provided on salesforce.coms AppExchange.

Arion Water, Inc. specialises in the design and installation of high purity water systems for high technology sectors such as semiconductor, biopharmaceutical and technical manufacturing industries as well as system monitoring, service and analytical services.

TimeTrack is an on-demand time-tracking and expenses application developed by Saaspoint for the AppExchange. Installed into existing Salesforce applications TimeTrack allows the user to easily enter time and expenses in one place.

A big challenge for Arion Water was how to accurately capture and analyze time without having to waste time on administration. With five people based in the office and another three spread across the State, trying to get everyone to log their time was very difficult, commented Dianne Cameron, Financial Controller, Arion Water. Everyone would send their individual spreadsheets to me at the end of each week so recording all the data used to be done manually which was very time consuming.

Timetrack fully integrates with Salesforce applications so all the data can be used for reports, dashboards and for integration with external services via Salesforce integration. Cameron added, TimeTrack is so easy to use and gives us a single centralized location to access and input information from anywhere.

TimeTrack helps companies like Arion Water to cut down on administration while also maximizing the effectiveness of Salesforce integration, commented Cary Fulbright, President of Saaspoint, Inc.

Established by original founders of EMEA, Saaspoint operates in North America and Europe and has offices in San Francisco, Dublin, London and Stockholm. It has helped hundreds of customers and thousands of users to achieve success and exceptional ROI through their use of

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