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Telx® Selected as Connectivity Partner by Softlayer®

March 10, 2010

Leading Global Provider of On-demand Computing and IT Services Leverages Telx’s Data

Center and Interconnection Services for Secure, Direct Delivery of Applications Across Key U.S. Markets

Telx enabling secure, reliable delivery of services across several key U.S. cities at an accelerated market entry


“In any given market, there are probably 10 or more providers that we could have gone to, especially in a

place like New York or Atlanta,” said George Karidis, chief strategy officer at SoftLayer. “We looked for the

best provider that had the right cost structure, the right flexibility, and the right amount of connectivity. Telx

was that provider. Today, our customers can directly tap into our infrastructure on a guaranteed, high-speed

connection without going over the public Internet. The Telx solution provides high redundancy, security, and

limitless scalability.”

As a connectivity partner, Telx delivers a secure, connection-rich environment from which SoftLayer can offer

low-latency access to its applications and network infrastructure. A customer in Atlanta, for example, can

connect to a SoftLayer data center in Dallas, Seattle, or Washington DC, through either a VPN or Metro-LAN

connection. The Telx interconnection replaces the need for a public Internet connection, ensuring that the

network is more secure, latency is reduced, quality of service is enhanced, and the number of hops is

minimized. This empowers SoftLayer’s customers to optimize application performance, while keeping

SoftLayer’s market entry speed high and operational costs low.

“We are pleased to become a connectivity partner to SoftLayer,” said Rose Klimovich, VP of Product

Development at Telx. “Telx colocation and interconnection solutions have helped SoftLayer improve the

reliability, security, and latency of their on-demand infrastructure, while enabling them to focus on core

competencies such as developing competitive cloud offerings and delivering them to customers on a faster

time table.”


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