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SAP Intends to Simply its Licensing Models

January 3, 2014


SAP holds the US leg of its TechEd developer and user conference and exhibition in Las Vegas. The firm used its opening keynote sessions to detail a set of extended developer services to sit under the umbrella of its HANA brand, the company’s in-memory Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-centric computing platform.

In line with these announcements the firm has also said that it is currently seeking to clarify and simplify the licensing regulations covering its ever growing base of technologies.

With a mix of home grown and in house developed technologies… along those coming from corporate acquisitions, SAP has a challenge ahead of it if the company is going to provide a single user license for access across its current stack.

Following this vein of news, the UK & Ireland SAP User Group has reportedly expressed some concern over SAP’s licensing practices in general. As stated, the firm itself confesses to complex licensing in some areas as well as a pricing structure that has been said to take “many years of experience” to interpret and comprehend.

The UK & Ireland SAP User Group’s findings suggest that 95% of SAP users say that the company’s software licensing policy is over complicated. A similarly high 88% of respondents to this survey have called for SAP to make its price list completely public (rather than partially as it is now) in the pursuit of clarity.

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