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Mobile Capture Enables Kofax Mobile Capture Customers to use Cameras in Smartphones

February 2012

Kofax has announced the launch of Kofax Mobile Capture earlier this year, a patent pending solution that extends capture enabled BPM capabilities to smartphones and tablet computers.

Mobile Capture allows customers to use cameras in smartphones and tablet computers to capture images of documents, photographs, audio, video and data and then pass that content to Kofax workflows that manage it into enterprise applications and repositories. The new offering has been developed in response to extensive requests from Kofax customers wanting to leverage mobile devices to initiate business processes at “the point of origination” where customer facing engagements actually occur and add these devices as another gateway into their Kofax solutions.

Kofax Mobile Capture will support Apple iPhones and iPad devices plus Android phones and tablet computers. It is comprised of two components: Kofax Mobile Applications and Kofax Mobile Services. Kofax Mobile Applications run directly on the mobile device to capture images of documents, photographs, audio, video and data. Once captured, the content is delivered to Kofax Mobile Services, a cloud based service hosted on Microsoft Azure. Kofax Mobile Services enhances images and delivers the content to the appropriate downstream Kofax processes. This allows Kofax customers to develop and deploy custom mobile capture applications while leveraging their existing Kofax capabilities with no change to their capture enabled BPM infrastructure.

Kofax Mobile Services leverages the Company’s patented and patent pending VRS software, the de facto standard for image enhancement and perfection in document scanning applications. High quality images are critical in all capture applications, as they can significantly impact the success of downstream viewing and content extraction needs. Smartphones and tablet computers present unique challenges in capturing quality images and Kofax VRS ensures that an acceptable, process ready image is always available.

Kofax and DCS

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