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Avid Technology Incorporated: Financial and Labor Productivity Benchmarks Available

ICON Group International Ltd., today released studies on labor productivity and financial benchmarks for Avid Technology Incorporated.

What? Competitive Benchmarks and Financial Gap Analysis

How does Avid Technology Incorporated's balance sheet structure differ from global benchmarks? Does Avid Technology Incorporated hold more cash and short-term assets, or does it concentrate its assets in physical plant and equipment? Does it have a higher percent of payables compared to the benchmarks? Does it hold a higher concentration of long-term debt? Does Avid Technology Incorporated have a relatively higher cost of goods sold, operating costs, income taxes, or profit margins compared to global benchmarks?

Labor Productivity Benchmarks and International Gap Analysis

Are workers at Avid Technology Incorporated productive? There is no absolute answer to this economic question. The second study considers how labor deployment and productivity indicators for Avid Technology Incorporated differ from the global benchmarks. It looks at the amount of labor required to operate Avid Technology Incorporated and the resulting return on human investment. What is the ratio of short-term and long-term assets to employee? What are comparative capital-labor ratios? What are the average sales and net profits per employee in Avid Technology Incorporated compared to benchmarks in the same economic sector?

Reports for over 192 Measuring, Analyzing, And Controlling Instruments companies are available now, including the following:

Agilent Technologies, Inc., Apogent Technologies, Inc., Applera Corp.-Applied Biosystems Group, Baxter International, Inc., Beckman Coulter Incorporated, Becton, Dickinson and Company, Boston Scientific Corporation, Eastman Kodak Co, Esterline Technologies Corporation, Guidant Corporation, Healthsouth Corporation, Hillenbrand Industries Incorporated, Invacare Corpn, Litton Industries Inc., Medtronic, Inc., Moog Inc., Raytheon Co, Rockwell International Corporation, St. Jude Medical, Inc., STERIS Corporation, Stryker Corporation, Tektronix Inc., Thermo Electron Corporation, and Waters Corporation

Why? methodologist for this unique study is Philip Parker, Eli Lilly Chair Professor of Innovation, Business and Society at INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France and Singapore). According to Professor Parker, "With the globalization of markets, greater foreign competition, and the reduction of barriers to entry, it becomes all the more important to benchmark a company's financial indicators on a worldwide basis. World stock markets have recently witnessed a return to fundamental financial analysis. " The goal of the reports is to assist consultants, financial managers, strategic planners, and corporate officers in gauging certain indicators of Avid Technology Incorporated's financial and human resource structure.

Professor Parker states, "We are intrigued by the wide variations in basic financial and productivity measures between Avid Technology Incorporated and other Measuring, Analyzing, And Controlling Instruments companies. The Earnings Before Interest And Taxes (EBIT), for example, varied from -10.52 to 43.12. We see this type of variation in the hundreds of ratios that we estimate."

How?: Methodology

The report uses a proprietary methodology to generate international financial and human resource benchmarks and measure gaps that might be revealed from such an exercise. Using common-size statements, ICON Group International Ltd. prepares these vertical analyses by pooling statistics on tens of thousands of companies across over 40 countries and applying a seven-stage methodology. (1) identification of industry classifications, (2) firm-level data collection and aggregation, (3) standardization of raw statistics, (4) filtering outliers, (5) calculation of global norms, (6) projection of deviations and gaps, and (7) projection of ranks and percentiles.

Previously available only through booksellers such as Hoovers,, and Barnes and Noble, two studies are now available direct from the publisher at a 50% discount off the cover price. This special offer includes International Competitive Benchmarks and Financial Gap Analysis and Labor Productivity Benchmarks and International Gap Analysis at US$ 199.90 ($99.95 each). E-mail for more information.

About ICON Group Ltd.

ICON Group Ltd. assists managers with global benchmarking, gap analysis, and productivity studies. Clients can create their own benchmarks by choosing their competitors from among over 20,000 companies.

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Important Disclaimer: This report was not prepared on behalf of or for Avid Technology Incorporated. The report does not give investment advice. It is an academic, neutral analysis.

Source: MarketWire, January 2003 Ula Tuszewicka
ICON Group Ltd


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