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AT&T Emphasizes Mobility

AT&T's new chairman and CEO, Randall Stephenson, said the iPhone is only one part of the company's multi-pronged global strategy focusing on mobility. Stephenson told USA Today that, "Wireless is the core of the business now… it's the core of how we grow the business going forward."

Along the lines of this statement, AT&T has launched a new advertising campaign focusing on a mobile-centric lifestyle, with the tagline: Your Seamless World. The campaign will start with six commercials featuring actors playing globe-trotting characters, who describe how they are always on the go and need a company that can serve them wherever they travel.

The campaign also features the names of cities, states and countries combined to create places like "HollyyorkazonaSouthAmeriland."

In a nod to Cingular, AT&T has also made orange the company color for its mobile division. However, AT&T's corporate logo, the blue-and-white sphere, will not change.

AT&T will now be offering a wireless and home broadband service bundle that includes a 1.5-megabit home DSL connection, 450 anytime wireless minutes, plus 5,000 night and weekend minutes, unlimited calls to AT&T customers and rollover of unused minutes to the next month for $60 a month. For $5 more, 200 text messages can be added to the plan.

AT&T says it is also committed to a global approach; Stephenson said the company is working on creating better roaming partnerships with international carriers.

Source:  AT&T Emphasizes Mobility, By Teresa von Fuchs, WirelessWeek - September 11, 2007

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