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SMS Marketing Touch Down - There's No Stopping SMS Now!

January 2011

According to a report released today, SMS marketing is set to grow at an incredible pace this year. Read on to find out what will be hot in the world of SMS this year.

SMS marketers will be targeting the over 50’s market in the next few months after research from the Direct marketing Association showed that older people are more likely to begin using their mobile phones to socialize than those in their 30’s.

Ringback tones are a popular new innovation that could generate $800 million in revenue within the next four years. They work by playing an ad when someone calls you, rather than a ringback tone. It might be annoying for friends and family, but those who allow advertising ringback tones on their phone will receive rewards from their provider such as free air time.

More and more of us will be downloading mobile apps to our phones this year. Apple has almost reach 10 billion app downloads. When it reaches this target the 10 billionth customer will get a $10000 iTunes gift card.

Large stores will be launching mobile marketing campaigns this year, which will allow users to receive SMS messages informing them about sales, special offers and promotions. Marks and Spencer have also signed up to launch a new SMS service for their customers.

Sports teams such as the Dallas Mavericks will be launching SMS marketing campaign. Sports fans who sign up will be able to take part in live votes and take part in polls and competitions during games.

SMS messaging will help during natural disasters following its successful use after the Haiti earthquake. Relief workers utilised SMS messaging to guide search and rescue teams to those in need of supplies. Experts have concluded that SMS could be a very useful tool in terms of improving relief efforts in the future.

Car manufacturers will also be getting in on the act as navigation screens are given the ability to display received SMS messages, including speech to text software.

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