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OMB's Chief Architect on The Practical Guide to Federal Service Oriented Architecture


Found in: Enterprise Technology

Apr 23, 2008, News Report

The SOA Consortium today announced that a podcast and slide deck of the presentation by Kshemendra Paul, Chief Architect, Office of Management & Budget (OMB) on "The Practical Guide to Federal Service Oriented Architecture" recorded at the SOA Consortium meeting in Washington, D.C., in March is now available.

Paul began with an overview on why SOA is important to the federal government, key issues and success criteria. He briefly touched on two areas where standards are making an impact, including the Federal Transition Framework and the Records Management standards, both collaborations between the OMB and various government agencies.

Kshemendra discusses the benefits including the ability to share solutions, services, best practices and acquisition power across organizations and says that SOA is the key from moving from a vertical to a horizontal viewpoint. During his overview on Federal enterprise architecture, he stresses the need to view the use of IT from a business perspective and to expand the concept of reuse beyond components to entire architectures and solutions.

Source:  OMB's Chief Architect on The Practical Guide to Federal Service Oriented Architecture, Staff Enterprise Technology, Found in: Enterprise Technology, Apr 23, 2008, News Report

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