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Welcome to the only awards program that recognizes innovation in the application of information technology! The PROCESS INNOVATION AWARDS focus on the business benefits user organizations derive from their technology systems. As such, they differ from other awards in three major ways: 
  • They focus on the superior application of information technology to solve business problems, not on any one specific technology.
  • They recognize innovative solutions regardless of vertical market, horizontal application, or geographical location.
  • They include one especially prestigious category – the coveted VISION Award – that was created to honor the implementation judged to have most pushed the IT envelope to achieve a higher social or business purpose.
  • They include the new KINETIC INFORMATION Award, which honors one application that makes creative use of information technology to help the nominated organization capitalize on its sales and market opportunities.
This site tells you everything you need to know about these exciting Awards, which have been an international tradition since their initial presentation in 1997 and are now proudly sponsored by High Tech Views, a Tech Media Publication. The announcement of our latest winners can be seen here, and for those interested in submitting for this year's Awards, the content within this section describe the nominations process, the awards categories, and the judging criteria. You can also see a list of all the winners we've ever had.
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