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Award Process -Participating in the Process Innovation Awards

Participating in the Process Innovation Awards program is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3! Here's how the process works:
  1. Complete one Nomination Form for each candidate you are nominating.
  2. Return each form to High Tech Views before the close of business on October 1st. This deadline is firm, so be forewarned!
  3. Submit the appropriate processing fee (see below) for each nomination you submit.
Process Innovation Awards logo
There is no limit on the number of nominations you may submit – nor on the geographic location of your nominated solution. However, a separate processing fee (see below) must be remitted for each one. 

The Nomination Form may be returned email to


Nomination Forms
Request the Nomination Form which is available as a word document by emailing Marlee Rosen at  Nominations are acceptable as long as they are prepared in electronic formats. Please e-mail your file(s) – including the questions as well as the answers – to
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