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Judging Criteria

Award winners are selected by a panel of experts consisting of independent professional consultants who are recognized authorities in their fields. In this way, the judging process is free of any vendor or other bias so the emphasis remains on the business benefits provided by each winning implementation.

Qualifying for consideration for an award is easy since there are only two criteria to meet: 

  • The nominated application must have been installed on or after September 1 and must have been placed into service by February 1. (Pilot systems do not qualify since they are implemented for testing purposes, not to improve operations.)
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  • Improvement must be demonstrated in at least one of the following areas:
    - productivity (e.g., throughput) 
    - profit (increased revenue or decreased cost) 
    - positioning (e.g., increased ability to adapt to market conditions) 
    - competitive standing (e.g., increased market share)
And that's it! There are no geographic or technological restrictions of any kind; we simply are seeking those applications that best illustrate how technology can be used to bring innovation – not merely automation – to business.

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