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Frankenstein approach to cybersecurity renders healthcare organizations dead last at fixing vulnerabilities

By Luke Hagen
October 2016

HIMSS announced that IBM CEO Ginni Romety will deliver the Monday morning keynote address at HIMSS17.

Healthcare last security vulnerabilities.

Not only does the healthcare industry have the highest occurrence of cybersecurity mishaps of all industries, it also ranks at the bottom for its ability to fix software vulnerabilities and a big part of the problem is credential, identity and access management, according to security specialists..

Significant vulnerabilities lie within credential management, cryptographic issues, information leakage, code quality and insufficient input validation, security firm Veracode noted in its seventh annual State of Software Security report, which also determined the aforementioned ranking of healthcare as last among industries. .

As safety of patient data under HIPAA is a major healthcare industry concern and more organizations are held accountable for HIPAA compliance violations, flaws within the cryptographic arena and credential management demonstrate the need for better security in these areas..

“If you look at the health sector and the executives and managers: They’re not equipped in this day and age to prevent threats,” ICIT Researcher James Scott said. “Board members and executives within the healthcare industry don’t care enough about cyber hygiene because it doesn’t have a solid return on investment.” .

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