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Consona Extends Company’s Footprint within the Canadian Market and Creates Consona Canada

By Whitney Sommers
June 9, 2008

Consona Corporation (Consona, formerly known as M2M Holdings Inc.) acquired substantially all of the Intuitive-related assets of Automated Design Systems, a Canada-based provider of software tools, implementation services, integration support and education programs with offices in Winnipeg, Calgary, Ontario, Edmonton. Consona receives the intellectual property (IP) and expertise behind Intuitive ERP’s robust CRM and service functionality.
Automated Design System’s CAD business will continue to operate under its name, remaining untouched by the acquisition.  Only the ERP portion of its business will be transformed into Consona Canada.  Consona plans to use the acquired Automated Design Systems’ expertise to expand its distribution channel for Consona's ERP solutions.

Consona Canada will be based in the Winnipeg location and managed by Dmitry Kirshner, former vice president of client services for Automated Design Systems. All Intuitive ERP sales, service and support personnel will continue in their existing roles, and Consona’s current business model will ensure that the integration is seamless for the companies’ 75 shared customers.
“We are very pleased about this acquisition,” said Dmitry Kirshner, formerly Automated Design Systems’ vice president of client services and now managing director of Consona Canada. “As Consona Canada, we are still the same great vendor that our customers have come to depend on; we’ve just gained strength through the financial stability, best practices, and expertise of a growing, private-equity funded software company to support growth investments. With these resources behind us, along with the core regional group from ADS, we’ll have even more to offer our current and future customers.”
Consona Canada gains extensive resources to apply to the increasing presence of Intuitive ERP in Canada. Additionally Consona Canada will potentially support Canadian customers interested in other Consona products and solutions.
Mehul Dave, Consona vice president of international operations, agreed. “Collectively, Consona ERP has well over 200 Canada-based customers. Going forward, we’ll be evaluating serving and supporting these customers from Consona Canada, in addition to using this distribution channel to disseminate our entire family of Consona ERP software and services. Another opportunity lies in potentially using Consona Canada to develop region-specific ERP functionality for our product lines.”

Source: REC
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