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Microprecision builds its Swiss microswitches in the U.S.


Microprecision builds its Swiss microswitches in the U.S.
Edina, MN - May 5, 2008 - Microprecision Electronics now builds its microswitches at Wilbrecht Electronics’ Huron, S.D. plant. An expanded U.S. distribution network has been established to provide customers with one-on-one local sales and technical support for their most challenging custom applications.

Willbrecht is NASA and DSCC QPL production qualified, guaranteeing the high quality manufacturing customers have come to expect from Microprecision’s European product offerings. This arrangement also delivers these popular products to U.S. customers with shorter lead times.

Microprecision’s high-quality products offer a mechanical lifespan of up to 50 million commutations and have been well honed during the company’s 50-plus years in business. Many of Microprecision’s solutions save users development time, such as the company’s design of the specific actuators or cable combinations required for certain applications. The tailor-made switches provide dependable, robust solutions for the widest range of industries, including food and packaging; OEM transmission and brakes; electrical and machine tool; and heavy agricultural, road, rail and sea transport.

“Our custom switches demonstrate the safety, reliability and longevity our customers require in demanding applications,” said Markus Affolter, President of Microprecision. “With our increased U.S. distribution and domestic final production, we now offer the proximity and resources needed to work with our American customers one-on-one, allowing us to generate small or medium runs of these and other precision microswitches and sealed position switches at a cost-effective price.”

Microprecision’s broad range of manufacturing and modification abilities, as well as years of customer experience, have led to the development of a highly market-focused product line—including products with large temperature ranges, IP67 ratings and resistance to challenging humid and corrosive environments. This line includes MP300 series microswitches, delivering a service range up to 200° C while resisting humidity, and MP500 series microswitches, offering silver or gold-plated contacts and a choice of connector industry PCB, solder terminal lugs or PVC cable for excellent application flexibility.

About Microprecision. Microprecision Electronics is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of high-quality custom microswitches and sealed position switches. The company is headquartered in Switzerland with a U.S. subsidiary and growing distribution channel, established to deliver cost-effective product solutions with short lead times to meet increasing U.S. market demands.
Source:  Edina, MN - May 5, 2008, Microprecision builds its Swiss microswitches in the U.S., Luke Hager,
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