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Encelium Acquired by Townsend Capital


TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA (May 5, 2008) – Townsend Capital, LLC acquired Encelium Technologies Inc.

“After extensive global research, we determined that the Encelium technology is far superior to anything else on the market on a number of levels - total energy savings generated, system costs, ease of installation, and payback terms,” said David Townsend, President of Townsend Capital.

Baltimore-based Encelium provides integrated lighting control systems designed to save energy in new and existing commercial buildings. Its Energy Control System (ECS™) delivers energy savings of 50-75 per cent – approximately double what existing technologies provide.

This has enormous implications since lighting comprises an average of 37 per cent of a typical commercial building’s total energy consumption. It means that, with Encelium’s technology, buildings can achieve an overall reduction in energy consumption of 18-27 per cent.

That’s a significant savings which will become even more important in the future given the volatile and ever increasing cost of energy. Buildings installing the Encelium system typically recoup their investment in two to five years.

“Faced with rising utility costs, building owners and investors will see real value in a system that dramatically reduces expense and enhances their returns,” said Townsend. “That’s why we invested in Encelium. It has a great future because it offers a real solution to controlling costs.”

ECS is a cost-effective addressable dimming system that allows each person in a commercial building to control their own workspace light levels from their desktop computer. As well, the integrated system allows facility managers to make full use of six separate energy management strategies. For example, it can also simultaneously utilize occupancy control, daylight harvesting, and dynamic load shedding strategies

Encelium’s technology delivers cost savings, but also many other benefits such as improved lighting quality, enhanced worker productivity and workplace ergonomics, enhanced tenant satisfaction, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

Terry Mocherniak, CEO of Encelium, said plans for the company now include a greater focus on the untapped retrofit market, rapidly adapting the technology to the Tridium Niagara platform as well as wireless applications, building a stronger sales and support network, and establishing a new U.S. headquarters.

“We’re delighted that Townsend Capital has decided to get behind the company. They are the ideal partner, bringing more than 30 years of real estate expertise, extensive industry contacts, and rock-solid financial strength and stability to the business,” said Mocherniak.

About Encelium Technologies
Encelium Technologies is an advanced technology development company specializing in integrated lighting control systems for commercial buildings. Using the collaborative power of addressable networking technology in conjunction with advanced control hardware and software, its systems are designed to maximize energy savings and provide attractive returns on investment. It has operations in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

About Townsend Capital
Townsend Capital is a private commercial real estate investment and development company based in Baltimore, Maryland, with offices in Kansas City, Missouri; Jackson, Mississippi; and Denver, Colorado. Townsend has an established reputation for completing real estate transactions involving cutting edge financial and tax structures applied to a wide range of projects including development, build-to-suit transactions, sale/leasebacks, and redevelopment of surplus corporate properties.
 Source:, Luke Hager, Encelium Acquired by Townsend Capital, TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA (May 5, 2008)
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