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NovoDynamics Launches New IDR Technology To Reduce High Cost of Document Processing

By Drew Barrows,
Associate Editor

May 27, 2009

NovoDynamics®, an Ann Arbor, MI-based advanced software technology company, has launched Coronado™, Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) software that leverages the company’s scientific heritage in artificial intelligence, image analysis and data mining to deliver exceptional accuracy and speed.  Coronado also features automated classification training, which significantly reduces the time and costs associated with document processing.

The company is targeting enterprises with large paper-based systems that need a cost efficient way to streamline their business processes.  NovoDynamics sees Coronado as a break-through approach to classification software. Coronado analyzes dots on the page to determine what’s similar and different from other pages. The resulting information is stored so that when a similar page is introduced, it’s automatically recognized. This approach makes Coronado easy to implement as well as eliminates the high costs of manual sorting and professional services necessary to train traditional IDR systems. 

An innovative feature of Coronado is NovoDynamics' Automated Classification Engine (ACE), which uses advanced artificial intelligence and breakthrough page pixel analytics to quickly and accurately organize, train and recognize diverse document types. ACE is able to identify a document even when its content has been scaled or shifted and its Automatic Orientation Detection (AOD) technology automatically detects rotated pages. ACE’s adaptive learning capabilities allow new documents to be easily added to previously trained document sets and integration into any ECM solution is achieved through ACE’s robust application programming interface. 

Rock added that, “Coronado is the only product on the market today that combines artificial intelligence with page pixel analytics to offer automated classification training and testing. This is a major advantage for businesses looking to streamline their work processes and generate quick ROI, and for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendors and VARs looking to optimize their data capture solutions.”

Rock refers to Coronado as the “next generation” in the evolution of IDR due to its speed and accuracy in dealing with huge volumes of documents. “Coronado can recognize pages within tens of milliseconds while still achieving a high accuracy rate,” he added.

Coronado™ is now available directly through NovoDynamics or via its global network of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) partners. For more information about Coronado, visit:


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