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Grass Roots America Enhances its Global Incentive, Recognition and Rewards solutions

Delivering the most globally expansive incentive and recognition programs spanning 120 countries with localized services and rewards
September 11, 2009
By Marlee Rosen

Grass Roots, known for its global performance improvement solutions and a leading provider of incentive solutions for employee, channel and consumers, helps clients achieve their business goals through innovative recognition, incentive and loyalty programs to engage and motivate employees, channel partners and consumers. 
Recently Grass Roots America enhanced its global incentive, recognition and rewards solutions through breadth of coverage and depth of choice. The company's programs now span 120 countries with 27 Grass Roots offices strategically located throughout the world. With four million reward choices, Grass Roots programs are the easiest and most cost efficient to deploy as well as the most globally expansive programs available on the market today.
"We continue to systematically expand our network of offices and investment in resources to ensure that we are able to provide a broad choice of rewards throughout the world," said Stephen Humphreys, CEO and president of Grass Roots America. Humphreys leads Grass Roots’ new executive team, which is focused on driving further expansion of its innovative employee recognition, channel incentive and customer incentive and loyalty programs in the Americas markets.  Grass Roots' team is comprised of Mario Cruz as CTO, Paul Haynes as VP of Business Development and Linda M. Kroeger as VP of Global Solutions.  With the growth Grass Roots is experiencing, the company plans to expand its office network from its Miami headquarters to open regional offices in Boston, Chicago and Toronto. 
U.S corporations with global operations are finding immense benefits and cost savings by deploying the same incentive opportunities, benefits and programs to employees, customers and sales channels throughout the world as it does in the US.
“Global clients are finding significant benefits in offering comparable rewards programs to employees, customers and channel partners throughout the world. With our global reach, organizations don't have to make any strategic compromises. They can be secure in the knowledge that there is sensitivity and adherence to local custom and practice through a single service provider anywhere in the world," Humphreys added.
Unlike traditional incentive solutions that service multiple countries by drop shipping rewards from the U.S., or claiming global access by simply having one location on each continent to deliver rewards, Grass Roots takes a truly global approach with its domestic offices which supply rewards locally. This means that Grass Roots can bring truly global service, immense cost savings in not only shipping and managing rewards, but also speed in expediting rewards fulfillment. Whether applied to employee reward and recognition, channel incentives or customer satisfaction and loyalty, Grass Roots manages results-driven programs on a local, regional or international basis.
With its four million rewards choices, Grass Roots targets specific cultural and social interests. "Catalogs are compiled to present local economic and cultural merchandise and gift selections. In France, for example, one of the most popular redemption items is fine wine; Spain favors Jamon; a favorite in the UK is a personal shredder; first choice in India is a case of fresh mangoes; and in the US, electronics top the list. With our global network of offices, we can easily deliver these and country-specific choices quickly and cost-efficiently," added Humphreys.
"With economic pressures throughout the world impacting bottom line performance, it's increasingly important to reward behaviors of employees and partners in order to attract and retain the 'best of the best'," Humphreys added. "Cost effective incentive programs can be a key factor in this mission."
Grass Roots currently services more than 60 percent of the Top 100 Global Brands, and counts among its customers BMW, RIM Blackberry, Barclays Bank, and EMC. For more information, visit
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