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AgilePath Announces Cloud Computing Practice

 Features New Cloud Computing Playbook™, Cloud Reference Model Framework
Novmeber 16, 2009

AgilePath Corporation, an industry leading IT management consulting firm, today announced the launch of its Cloud Computing Practice. AgilePath’s Cloud practice builds on its other consulting practices and competencies, which focus on Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Governance Solutions, and IT Acquisition Innovation. 
“AgilePath is pleased to formally launch our Cloud Computing Practice,” stated AgilePath CEO Eric Marks. “Cloud computing is an important IT evolutionary trend, and as with SOA, we will bring significant thought leadership and technical expertise to bear on the many challenges and enterprise benefits offered by Cloud computing.”
AgilePath’s Cloud computing practice builds on AgilePath CEO Eric Marks’ forthcoming book, Executive’s Guide to Cloud Computing, co-authored by Appistry Founder Bob Lozano. In addition, the following solutions and services will be offered by AgilePath:
·        Cloud Adoption Lifecycle™: A Cloud computing lifecycle adoption framework to facilitate the planning and implementation of Cloud computing by any enterprise.
·        Cloud Computing Playbook™: A detailed end-to-end methodology for rapidly assessing, planning, and executing a formal Cloud computing strategy.
·        Cloud Computing Reference Model (CC-RM): AgilePath’s Cloud computing reference model provides a vendor-neutral framework for planning, modeling and architecting a Cloud solution for any enterprise, either as a Cloud consumer or a Cloud provider.
·        CloudSprint™ Methodology: AgilePath brings an agile approach to Cloud planning and implementation that leverages iterative CloudSprints™ to accelerate business results.
·        Strategic Partnerships, with Appistry and other Cloud technology leaders focused on Enterprise Cloud solutions.
AgilePath will provide end-to-end Cloud lifecycle solutions and services for Cloud consumers, Cloud providers, and Cloud technology ISVs in both the Commercial and Federal Government sectors. In addition, AgilePath will provide regular whitepapers and educational Webinars to help pave the way to rapid Cloud business results. For more information, visit
About AgilePath Corporation
AgilePath Corporation is a leading IT management consulting firm focused on SOA, Cloud computing and Enterprise Governance. Founded in 2003, AgilePath leverages its industry thought leadership and supporting Playbook™ methodologies to deliver rapid sustainable business results through the adoption of emerging technologies.  AgilePath is based in Newburyport, Massachusetts with offices in Herndon, Virginia. For more information visit
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