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Semaphore Releases New Capabilities in DNP3 Protocol Suite

By Whitney Sommers
Semaphore has released new DNP3 protocol capabilities in the Kingfisher SCADA system RTU product line.  The Kingfisher DNP protocol suite, which exceeds implementation level 3, now includes DNP3 master functionality, DNP3 Secure Authentication, and new function blocks in the Kingfisher RTU library.

Kingfisher capabilities for both master and outstation operations in a single RTU bring a great deal of flexibility to SCADA networks.  Hierarchical networks best serve the geographical distribution of remote sites and can significantly reduce networking costs.  A Kingfisher RTU can also be a data concentrator, which communicates with other RTUs using different protocols.

DNP3 Secure Authentication is an extension to the existing DNP3 standard incorporating IEC62351 Version 2.0 authentication on top of the DNP3 communication protocol. It provides a challenge process to ensure that commands that are transmitted on a SCADA network are from legitimate assets in the system. DNP3 Secure Authentication master functionality is unique to Kingfisher.
New function blocks, DNP_EVENT_POLL and DNP_INTEGRITY_POLL, add to an existing library which considerably reduces engineering time taken by programming, testing, and start-up.

The Kingfisher DNP3 protocol capabilities are described further in a new technical brief, "DNP3 Protocol Suite in Semaphore's Kingfisher RTU Platform."

The Kingfisher RTU series is based on an advanced, automation technology platform for SCADA applications. Kingfisher is the only RTU line that features an embedded programming environment that is compliant with both IEC 61131-3 and 61499 as well as an enhanced DNP3 protocol suite, security platform, complete array of communications networks, and advanced functionality including redundancy.

The contemporary Kingfisher product line includes the Kingfisher Plus+ and G30 models. Kingfisher Plus+ is an advanced, modular RTU that offers expansion up to 1000 I/O points. The G30 is a compact RTU that extends the full capabilities of Semaphore's Kingfisher Plus product line to small SCADA system applications requiring up to 32 I/O points.


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