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Expert in ITIL/ITSM Processes, Alex Zlotko, Shares his View Point - Part One

By Whit Sommers
October 5, 2012

As part of our three part Q & A series featuring three distinct IT service solutios, we kick off our series with an interview featuring a certified expert in ITIL/ITSM strategies and BPMonline's Business Development Executive, Alex Zlotko.  We chose to interview Zltoko not only due to his seven plus years IT experience but more importantly his expertise in bulding and managing helpdesk departments based on ITIL/ITSM processes.

Who is the ideal customer to take advantage of a Service Desk offering?  Is there a company size or industry(ies) that will especially benefit?

Customer service is an important part of almost every business. BPMonline Service Desk is a user-friendly software that allows one to deliver a high-value service to customers.  This  is why this solution is ideal for organizations of all sizes and industries. We are seeing a lot of interest from various organizations, but particularly banks, IT & telecoms, retail and system integrators.

Who is choosing On-Site vs. On-Demand?  How does flexibility come into play?

BPMonline On-Demand is offered as an annual subscription and is delivered as a hosted application that sits on the servers of a certified data center. The key advantage is the ability to get a service desk system up and running quickly (within an hour) and eliminates any need for in-house IT infrastructure investment.

On-Site deployment offers the application hosted on the servers of the client, with a one-time payment and lifetime license. The key factor for using this deployment is the amount of integrations required. The On-Site deployment is good for big enterprises that need an easily customizable and flexible solution that would comply with the internal regulations. Not always companies are willing to store its data in a third-party database.

Speaking of flexibility, the BPMonline Service Desk software can work right out of the box. Based on service-oriented architecture (SOA), the BPMonline Service Desk platform allows you the flexibility of creating your own customized customer Service Desk dependent on tasks.

The customization tools enable users to make changes in the structure without programming. When adding a field, changing its position, grouping some fields in a logical block or making any other improvement to the user interface – you simply use the visual page designer to make all the changes in a matter of minutes. All the customization tools within the BPMonline Service Desk software solution have been designed to meet one fundamental goal – helping businesses and developers extend and fine-tune the help desk application in the most efficient manner.

What are some of the services that can be addressed and automated with the BPMonline Service Desk?

While every IT department is unique, the core operating requirement is the usually same. Based on the most advanced process modeling standard, ‘BPMN’, BPMonline Service Desk automates everyday service processes in order to resolve support issues faster and with more efficiency. It delivers right out of the box fully integrated ITIL/BPM features, such as service level and service catalogue management, incident management, service request management, knowledge management, control of service personnel’s time usage, interactive communications, in-depth reporting and analytics, to name a few. For instance, you can manage support tickets, track customer issues, manage service level agreements (SLA), ensure compliance, run service catalog and CMDB. Such capabilities as automated request management and customer self-service let the customer sit in the driver’s seat, which helps ensure a good experience, eliminates wasted time and reduces overall costs.

How does the BPM aspect come into play with the Service Desk offering?

Traditional IT help-desks can't keep pace with the growing challenges facing today's businesses. What organizations need is a full IT life-cycle management approach that automates processes, enables increased self-service for common IT and business service requests, improves availability and service levels, and ultimately drives down the cost of help-desk support. The way to get there is through the integration of BPM and ITIL best practices.

Nowadays businesses can benefit from tools that automate, execute, and monitor business processes from beginning to end by connecting people to people, applications to applications, and people to applications. 


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