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CRM Becomes a Competitive Edge in Hard Economic Times: Part One.

By Marlee Rosen
Associate Editor
May 3, 2009

It is especially important during these economic times to maintain a competitive edge by maximizing your CRM system.
Retaining current customers and exposing potential revenue avenues will provide the competitive edge within the worldwide marketplace to survive this economic crunch.  Exactly the capabilities of  a CRM system, success is possible by properly matching the software with business and long-term goals . Consona CRM provides a pragmatic approach combined with strategic planning to analyze the many aspects companies consider from business process change, information and knowledge management, operational challenges, and business analysis to strive for truly effective customer management strategy that translates directly to the bottom line.   
“As a leader in the CRM community, Consona CRM is committed to educating our customers and the market at large on past experience and present technology that can aid in making the best, customer-focused decisions,” comments Tom Millay, General Manager at Consona CRM, a worldwide leader in total customer management software and services, helps more than 1,500 companies across a variety of industries to manage people, processes and technology to create a differentiated and cohesive customer experience with Onyx® and KNOVA®. “Even during uncertain economic times, companies can tighten up their budgets, while still keeping customer satisfaction at the core of their missions.” 
During the economy’s slump in the early 2000s, many companies in an effort to retain sales or avoid severe measures such as layoffs, implemented aggressive cost-cutting measures. Consumer-based industries shifted their investments away from a focus on customer relationship management, and customer satisfaction plummeted.  IT budgets were squeezed and many lower-cost solutions were implemented in the short-term, such as interactive voice response (IVR), web self-service, and others. In a time of uncertainty, the last thing a customer needs to feel slighted by their trusted business, such as not being able to speak to a “real” person at their bank. 
As selective consumers make purchasing decisions, their experience or what they heard from someone else will impact in future sales. Any negative experiences compromise long-term business. During economic downturns,this common pitfall can be avoided with the right CRM system that delivers consistent, high quality and efficient service to customer.
A pragmatic approach applied when implementing your CRM perfectly aligns solutions that create preparedness for the upswing, an often overlooked advantage for a company during economic uncertainty.  The decisions organizations make when they build an infrastructure to support sales opportunities Customer have far-reaching implications. Improved customer satisfaction and information to new revenue opportunities results in ongoing, tangible results.
Consona CRM provides a practical and strategic framework that makes it easier for organizations to move towards these goals of customer service stability and, even growth, amidst market uncertainty. A CRM system in place that combines strategy with pragmatic execution provides the essential criterion in determining the value of the software. A long-term vision plus a clear understanding of practical consequences will help companies weather potential economic storms and succeed. As part of the philosophy, organizations improve their chances of meeting real customer needs and attaining the anticipated business returns.   Consona CRM offers a CRM solution that is exactly what you want to succeed.
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