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Records storage facility offers Lehigh Valley's first high technology security vault for mission critical data

The need to protect and store sensitive information and vital records is a growing one. The majority of information, from motor vehicle registrations to the vital records of a corporation, is no longer stored with pen and ink, but in bits and bytes. When confronted with the demanding responsibility of properly managing and safeguarding data, CIOs and executives often turn to professional records management and storage facilities for answers.

Records Management & Archiving (RMA), the Easton based records management firm, is finishing construction on what will become the only answer for regional companies searching for a totally secure, high tech data vaulting facility within a 60 mile radius.

The data vault will be used to protect fragile and sensitive media such as computer tapes, microfilm, cartridges, and precious documents. In addition, the vault provides a safe environment that is ideal for hosting primary and backup servers. Many organizations depend on the high technology and bulletproof security of a server vault solution to ensure that data vital to their operations is not compromised in any way.

"By incorporating precise environmental controls we can eliminate crashes and data backup errors for the client while increasing the life of the media by a factor of three lifetimes," said Ed Rossner, operations manager at RMA. "This is the most advanced option for businesses and organization that depend on important data and equipment remaining protected and secure."

The vault itself is not your average fireproof safe. Made from a unique structural steel that is three times the strength of steel used for normal construction, the 6000 cubic foot walk-in vault is equipped with panels with a core of spun ceramic material capable of withstanding temperatures above 2000°F. With integrated dust filtration, vapor tight construction, humidity and temperature controls, fire suppression systems, and magnetic shielding to protect against electrical interference, the data vault protects against most elements, even catastrophic fire.

"Security is a top issue in the world right now," said Hugh Smith, director of marketing for FIRELOCK™ Media Vaults, the manufacturer of the data vault system being installed inside of the RMA building. "As a result, more pressure is being put on organizations to show both management and clients how data and records are being protected."

Security of data stored in the vault will be ensured by a number of systems and processes. Only a select few will ever walk inside the vault, as it will be protected behind mantrap enclosures with biometric access controls and electronic card swipe locks throughout the building. Strict processes regulating all entry to the area, access to servers or movement of stored data will provide accountability for every action that takes place in and around the data vault.

Sophisticated hardware and software will monitor changes in temperature, humidity, power supply, smoke, fire, CO2, intrusion and motion, moisture and a host of other data in and around the vault. If problems are detected, an immediate notification is sent to a manager or staff member. Clients can be aware of the status of the vault and their data at all times as well, with online remote monitoring.

"This technology, gives us a powerful monitoring and alerting tool that will send immediate notification if a problem occurs, allowing time to respond before disaster strikes," said Rossner. "It is a sure way to guarantee a business or organization that they will always be in control of valuable IT equipment and data."

In addition to providing day to day security for servers and data, the RMA media vault will also act as a massive data recovery site in the event that a major disaster destroys a company's onsite data.

The insurance of backing up electronic data at a secure offsite location is a growing need that businesses are just beginning to understand. The loss incurred by organizations not prepared for such events has been amplified in recent years by large scale disasters including the attacks of September 11th and, more recently, hurricane Katrina.

Construction of the media vault at RMA is scheduled to be completed by early February 2006.

About Records Management & Archiving

Records Management & Archiving provides, offsite, records storage and data management solutions including secure document storage and retrieval, delivery, indexing, server vaulting, digital conversion of files, proper record destruction, and file management consulting . For more information, visit

Records storage facility offers Lehigh Valley's first high technology security vault for mission critical data EASTON , Pa, December 12, 2005 -- Records Management & Archiving
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