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KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2007

Assembling this list is never easy, but for the editorial colleagues, analysts, integrators and select group of users who chose which products belong on it, this year has been especially difficult. Our standards get higher every year, and the breadth of product capabilities continues to expand.

As you scroll down the list, you’ll notice some clear themes: Content management in its many forms likely takes top billing (along with search), but workflow is not far behind, because many of the products include a component of process efficiency. Collaboration, too, is stepping forward to its rightful place in the enterprise, including those of small and medium size. And although a number of the products listed here are especially well-suited, if not specifically designed for particular vertical markets, we tended to select those whose benefits can be realized in a wide variety of industries.

As in last year’s selection process, this much is certain: Each and every company listed here is being acknowledged for its willingness to listen and serve its customers, putting to rest, once and for all (we hope), the arrogant attitude held by some vendors. Our committee hopes that we, too, have avoided that mindset.

Our readership is remarkably diverse, and, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, we cannot serve all of our readers all of the time, but we believe we serve all of them some of the time. That’s what we hope to have accomplished here.

ABBYY FlexiCapture 8.0—data capture solution that processes a wide variety of paper forms and documents: structured, semi-structured and unstructured; with automatic classification and data extraction, it offers a complete solution for managing paper-based documents.

Abrevity FileData Classifier—scans any Window or Unix-based network storage system (including desktops) to extract granular metadata.

Adenin Technologies IntelliEnterprise—an integrated intranet suite including enterprise portal, content management,
document management, collaboration, dashboards, search and workflow modules.

Appian Appian Compliance Manager—enables organizations to automate, monitor, modify and govern critical business processes in real time to ensure that they are consistently in compliance with current regulatory laws.

ASG Rochade—provides a streamlined process for centralizing the management of metadata from sources throughout the enterprise.

Astoria Astoria On-Demand—delivers solutions that leverage and extend XML-based, DITA-compliant content management for dynamic publishing.

Attensity Text Analytics Suite—allows users to extract and analyze facts (such as who, what, where, when and why) and then drill down to understand people, places and events and how they are related.

Autonomy IDOL Enterprise Desktop Search—searches disparate information formats, such as Office documents,
e-mail, Web sites, news and multimedia content, from multiple locations including corporate networks, the Web and local
data sources.

AXS-One Rapid-AXS Search and Retrieval—permits searching through huge volumes of e-mail and other electronic documents in order to facilitate compliance.

BA-Insight Longitude—based on Microsoft technologies, a comprehensive and flexible information access solution.

BEA WebLogic Event Server—Java application server for high-performance, event-driven applications.

Brainware IDC-distiller—an intelligent data capture solution that extracts information from paper and electronic documents and posts it to DMS, ERP and financial management systems.

Business Objects SmartDiscovery Metadata Management System (MMS)— allows users to review, cleanse and augment automatically extracted text about entities, relations and events.

CA CA Records Manager—helps control and manage all corporate content across the enterprise, regardless of media or form.

Cataphora C-Evidence—provides everything needed to analyze, cull, prioritize, review and produce documents quickly and cost-effectively.

Citrix Online GoToWebinar—a self-service solution to plan, present, record and analyze unlimited Webinars with up to 1,000 attendees each.

ClearStory Systems Enterprise Media Server OEM Edition—an embeddable, open standards platform designed for the specialized demands of digital media applications.

Clearview Clearview 4—ECM solution that creates a virtual enterprise repository designed to federate, aggregate and enhance the organization of multiple SharePoint Server sites or third-party content or document repositories across
an organization.

Collective Intellect Collective Intellect—provides actionable, data-driven intelligence on the impact of user-generated content across blogs, social networks and message boards, as well as traditional media.

Collexis Collexis Search—adds professional enterprise search capability to existing infrastructure within days and without the need to program extensively.

Connectbeam Social Software Appliance—unites features of social bookmarking and social networking in a single application, delivered to the user on top of existing sets of tools and applications.

Connotate Agent Community GEN2.0—a new research platform that features a collection of products for creating and sharing the company’s intelligent information agents and configuring on-demand applications.

Contextware Solution Suite—connects people with strategy, processes, knowledge and infrastructure in a single framework.

Copyright Clearance Center Rightsphere—a Web-based rights advisory and management service that helps corporations promote collaboration and the flow of published information while respecting copyright.

Coveo Coveo Audio Video Search—accesses rich media content, allowing users to search across audio and video content as they would document content.

DeepWeb Technologies Explorit—permits researchers to perform a single query simultaneously across hundreds of different sources, culminating with merged results that are automatically

Dieselpoint Dieselpoint Search—search and navigation software for enterprise data, including document collections, databases and XML.—hosted XML content management and
single-source publishing solution.

eGain eGain OnDemand—a complete, hosted e-service solution for businesses of all sizes that can be deployed quickly without extensive IT involvement.

EMC ECIS (Enterprise Content Integration Services)—a server-based product that manages federated searches through a query broker and source adapters.

Endeca Information Access Platform—a complete search solution that unites records, documents and other assets using meta-relational architecture.

Exalead Exalead Search—provides thumbnail previews of the target pages along with the results, and allows advanced refining on the results page (language, geographic location, file type, categories) and also further data refinement.

Exsys CORVID Knowledge Automation Expert System Software—enables businesses, government and organizations to distribute a company’s knowledge to people who need it through interactive Web-enabled expert systems.

FAST Enterprise Search Platform 5.1—a services-oriented architecture enabling high scalability and flexibility to support a variety of hardware and operating systems for search and search-related applications.

FileNet/IBM P8 4.0—built on standards-based J2EE architecture for SOA environments, a unified content, process and compliance platform designed to accelerate application deployment.

Fiorano SOA 2007—an SOA platform that significantly reduces the time-to-delivery of distributed applications.

Global 360 G360 Enterprise BPM Suite—enables organizations to manage complete process life cycles, translate strategies into actions, automate processes and gain insight and visibility into operations.

Google Google Apps—an impressive and ever-growing line of enterprise tools and solutions.

Groxis Grokker Search—multisource federation, data clustering/visualization, dynamic filtering and collaboration tools specifically engineered for actionable research.

HandySoft OfficeEngine— allows knowledge workers to create, assign, delegate, track and execute mission-critical work in real time.

Infinity Info Systems Sage SalesLogix for Buy-Side Firms— is a CRM-based system designed specifically for hedge funds, traditional asset managers, private equity and real estate funds.

InQuira Inquira 8.0—a fully integrated customer interaction suite combining intelligent search, knowledge management and analytics.

IntelliSearch IntelliSearch Platform 2.0—enables searching and monitoring of all business internal and external information related to the individual’s role and interest.

Interwoven WorkSite for Collaborative Document Management—team-based collaboration for document-intensive processes.

Iron Mountain Image on Demand—a cost-effective conversion solution for paper-based documents that have low retrieval needs.

ISYS Search Software ISYS 8—full range of search software designed to provide powerful yet affordable search, navigation and discovery across a broad range of formats, languages and environments.

KANA Response for Email Management—automates the process of capturing, documenting, interpreting, routing and prescribing answers.

KNOVA KNOVA 7—a sophisticated search and knowledge management platform driving customer service applications.

Kofax Document Exchange Server—a document-driven business process automation solution that allows users to interact with documents through flexible client options and route documents to virtually any system.

Kroll Ontrack Engenium Search—uses a conceptual search engine and automatic clustering to analyze documents by meaning, concept and context.

LibertyIMS LibertyNET Enterprise—integrated, flexible platform designed to provide capabilities for electronic DM, RM, process automation, workflow, DAM, COLD/ERM, e-forms, e-mail management and collaboration.

Mediasurface Morello V5.5—Web content management solution incorporating a sophisticated document conversion tool, a Google Search Appliance plug-in and a range of technology updates.

MetaCarta Geographic Text Search—identifies implied and explicit references to geographic locations within documents, assigns latitude/longitude coordinates to the references, indexes the document and subsequently enables a search for indexed documents.

Metastorm Enterprise BPM—a set of interrelated offerings that enable visibility across the enterprise and close the gaps between strategy and enterprise architecture, analysis and execution.

Microsoft MS Office SharePoint Server 2007—an integrated suite of capabilities that provides comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries.

Mindjet MindManager 7—a tool for companies and individuals to work creatively and efficiently by providing different ways to visually capture and manage information.

NetDocuments Digital Records Management—a single, SaaS-based repository for the entire life cycle of documents and e-mails, eliminating the need to move them into another storage location.

NextPage NextPage 2 Document Collaboration—knowledge management tools that can track documents through e-mail attachments and hard drives.

Noetix Enterprise Technology Suite—a BI solution that automatically uncovers unique configurations of business applications and translates data into simple and immediately usable business information.

Northern Light SinglePoint—a market research portal that collects and integrates competitive intelligent content, making it searchable from a single interface (with a single login) and providing seamless download of relevant documents to users from the servers wherever they are hosted.


Nstein Ntelligent Content Management Suite—enables management of all digital and text assets while ensuring XML normalization, intelligent metadata generation, semantic search and dynamic delivery of a variety of output formats.

OneSource OneSource Information Services—competitive intelligence from leading news, corporate, industry and executive information providers.

Open Text Livelink ECM - Records Management—comprehensive life cycle management for all corporate records and information holdings, in paper or electronic format.

Oracle Oracle Secure Enterprise Search 10g—searches and indexes internal and external data sources while adhering to corporate security policies.

PaperThin CommonSpot 5.0—full-featured Web content management solution designed to be managed through a browser by the user, not an administrator, and offering quick, easy deployment.

PTC Arbortext—enterprise publishing software supporting the entire enterprise publishing process, from creation through delivery.

QL2 WebQL—An application that makes it easy to program and manage intelligent agents for harvesting data.

Really Strategies RSuite CMS—a flexible content management system for publishers.

Recommind Decisiv Email—conceptual search and categorization technology to automatically organize and file critical e-mail-based information with virtually no user involvement required.

SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Search—a solution combining pre-configured software and dedicated hardware.

SAVO Sales Enablement On Demand—an application that streamlines the creation, tracking and management of targeted, customer-facing sales assets.

SchemaLogic SchemaLogic Enterprise Suite—business semantic management providing robust, efficient and flexible tagging and integration.

Semantra Semantic Enterprise Platform—provides a semantic layer between knowledge workers and existing corporate data sources.

Siderean Seamark Navigator 4.5—enables users to dynamically identify relationships between sets of information, create the context to initiate action and increase user participation in the information flow.

SpringCM On Demand Document Management—fully integrated document management, workflow and capture technologies.

SumTotal Systems SumTotal Enterprise Suite—an integrated platform with underlying competency management and analytics that manages, deploys and optimizes the areas of talent, learning and knowledge.

Tacilent Knowledge Workers Marketplace—works with Tacilent’s knowledge management and analytics kernel (eKM), which helps companies and their personnel transform information into reusable knowledge solutions.

Teragram OEM Teragram Direct Answers—grasps the essential question and extracts the most appropriate information from documents.

Tower Software TRIM Context 6—a unified ECM platform that allows deployment and implementation of document, records and Web content management with the assurance that they will be appropriately aligned with each other through their entire life cycle.

Traction Software Traction TeamPage—enterprise wiki and blog software designed to enhance productivity, knowledge sharing, communication and collaboration.

Ultimus BPM Suite—human-centric business process management software designed to improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness, reduce cycle times, reduce costs and other benefits.

Unica Enterprise Marketing Management—streamlines the entire marketing process for brand, relationship and Internet marketing, from planning and budgeting to project management, execution and measurement.

Vignette Next-Generation Web Solution—a complete offering for the creation of online experiences that are personalized, community-centric and available across multiple channels and devices.

Visual Sciences Visual Sciences Platform 5—integrated platform for measuring, collecting, integrating, managing, analyzing, reporting on and visualizing high volumes of streaming data.

Vivisimo Velocity Platform—search technology that organizes results visually to give users a more thorough exploration of relevant information.

Wordmap Wordmap Intelligent Text Classifier—an advanced statistical text classifier based on Wordmap’s Support Vector Machine algorithms.

X1 X1 Enterprise Platform—search technology designed to allow users to find, preview and take action on information, while enhancing information security and integrating with business systems.

Xenos Xenos infoWEB—a full document, workflow and e-forms management offering.

XyEnterprise Contenta—manages the life cycle of creating, maintaining and delivering content through multiple channels; users can dynamically create, reuse, manage and assemble multilingual XML content and documents.

ZyLAB ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform—a complete XML-based system that provides a robust foundation for the archiving and long-term management of vital information, from digitized paper documents, to electronic files, to e-mail and attachments, to multimedia.  

Source:  KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2007
Posted Aug 31, 2007
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